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AAHA Inclement Weather Policy

By S. Kludt, 10/24/04, 12:00AM CST


Should you still attend practice?

Inclement Weather Policy for AAHA Practices

When we have bad weather, we will generally stay on our regular schedule. Parents ALWAYS may use their discretion to excuse their player from practice to avoid an unnecessary risk. Coaches will honor this request, 100% of the time, no questions asked.

The reason we do this is because many people are a 3-mile, 4-wheel drive on plowed roads from the rink, while others may have less fit vehicles over a longer distance of much more dangerous country roads.

The reason that we do not lock-step with the school district, is because when they consider closing, they must consider, with 1 decision, the risks for ALL students, over hundreds of miles of roads of many kinds. They also have to make these decisions hours in advance, trying to predict the status of ALL roads within the time frame of student transportation hours. By leaving the decision to the parents for their own commute, a safe decision specific to conditions, vehicle, distance, road status and up to the last minute time-- is much more practical. 

Please advise your coach of plans if your player will not be attending practice due to weather as soon as you make that decision.